Nickel & Chrome Alternative

Zinex NR-2000 is a Chrome & Nickel Free Electro Coating Process that can be deposited over most Ferrous and Non-Ferrous substrates.

NR-2000 has a full bright blue/white appearance replacing Chrome and Nickel in many applications.

NR-2000 contains no chelators or organic compounds.

Environmentally friendly Contains no Chrome, Selenium, Nickel, Chelators, Cyanide or Organic Compounds

Undercoat for Vapor Deposition Replaces Chrome, Paladium for Vapor Deposition Coatings

Rapid, even deposition Economical & easy to use with excellent throwing power

Can be used for rack or Higher production loads than Chrome barrel, out of the same Bath

Lower Power consumption 20 times less than Hex Chrome

Faster Deposition: Rack 6 times faster than Hex Chrome

Faster Deposition: Barrel 120 times faster than Hex Chrome

Wide range of operation - Not sensitive to current density

Lower material cost - Higher Profitability

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Cyanide-Free Plating Chemicals include:

Zinex understands the importance of environmentally friendly plating solutions, and has been a leader in the development of cyanide-free plating chemicals.zinex cyanide-free chemical plating solutions