Zinex G-COAT

G-Coat is an electrolytic process designed for and undercoat or end finish for most precious metals. Giving a final appearance much like stainless steel/nickel. This alloy can be deposited over copper, brass, nickel, steel and parts with a satin finish. Zinex G-Coat is a very stable, ready to use, maintenance free bath.

• Wear and Corrosion Resistant
• ROHS Compliant
• Rapid, Even Deposit
• Rack & Barrel
• Economical in operation
• Easy to operate and maintain
• No Chrome, No Nickel, No Cyanide
• White Finish

No Chelators or organic compounds. Download Brochure

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Cyanide-Free Plating Chemicals include:

Zinex understands the importance of environmentally friendly plating solutions, and has been a leader in the development of cyanide-free plating chemicals.zinex cyanide-free chemical plating solutions