Nickel-Free Deep Dark Finish OVER MANY SUBSTRATES

Leaves an Even Shiny Black Conductive Surface

Contains NO Nickel, Selenium Chelators, Organic Compounds, or Cyanides

Plates Over Pot Metal, Electroless and Plated Nickel, Copper, Steel, Tin, Lead, Palladium, and Brass

Environmentally Friendly, Contains Only Zinc Elements For Waste Water,

Rapid Even Deposition, Outstanding Throwing Power With Excellent Coverage

Excellent Adhesion, Corrosion Resistance, and Wear

Suitable for Both Rack and Barrel

Produces Fine Grained Porous Free Deposit

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Cyanide-Free Plating Chemicals include:

Zinex understands the importance of environmentally friendly plating solutions, and has been a leader in the development of cyanide-free plating chemicals.zinex cyanide-free chemical plating solutions