A Non-Cyanide Copper Plating Process

• Copper Strike, a non-cyanide copper strike process.

• Cobre Bath, a non-cyanide copper process with excellent throwing power and buildup, also suitable to replace acid copper. Can be used for Electroforming.

• Zicast Bath, a non-cyanide copper strike solution for all substrates.

Yes! No you can have problem-free plating over Zinc Die Cast and Aluminum. Zinex introduces a one step, single additive semi-bright, cost-effective Copper Process that replaces the environmentally hazardous Cyanide Copper bath and Acid Copper. Cobre can be deposited with rack or barrel equipment out of the same bath and is not affected by Zinc or other metallic contamination. It is suitable as a strike or plate.

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Cyanide-Free Plating Chemicals include:

Zinex understands the importance of environmentally friendly plating solutions, and has been a leader in the development of cyanide-free plating chemicals.zinex cyanide-free chemical plating solutions